The video content’s popularity on the interweb is high all time.   In June 2018, Instagram launched the IGTV feature. Instagram Stories allows the users to only publish the videos up to thirty seconds long videos with a twenty-four hours lifespan, but Instagram TV provides you more options for uploading videos. You can post lengthy-form videos from their new Instagram TV app or within the Instagram application. IGTV platform is very famous among others because IGTV allows its users to post vertical videos while many social media networks only allow horizontal videos. So that users of smartphones do not need to turn their smartphones to watch the videos. 

And then, Instagram introduced the Instagram TV ads feature so that by putting ads in the IGTV videos, the influencers and content creators will be capable of making money. Buy Instagram TV views to make more money from your IGTV ads. These ads feature IGTV as a stable source of pay for influencers. 

Increased engagement will be the outcome of more revenue and advertising potential. IGTV is similar to the “Snap Originals” of Snapchat. The only main difference between them is the time duration of the videos. IGTV allows fifteen to thirty minutes lengthy videos, and Snap Originals allow up to 5 minutes. This means Instagam provides you more opportunities. 


With the introduction of IGTV after eighteen months, Instagram has smashed the info about selling Instagram TV ads. Instagram desires to motivate excellent content by providing a  viable income platform to influencers and content creators. 

The qualified terms and conditions are anticipated to be the same as the content monetization policies of Facebook. Here is the substance for you:

  • Objectionable about posting activities is strictly prohibited.
  • Stay away from distributing misinformation, particularly advice about medical-related issues.
  • Content should be appropriately accredited or original.
  • Clickbait content is not allowed and should be authentic.
  • To gain the attention of the audience, do not use sensationalism.
  • Try not to posting content about beatable themes such as politics and social issues.
  • Content should not be hateful or discriminatory towards a specific community.
  • Do not use suggestive language or profanity.
  • Content should not be violent or sexual. 

Instagram may certify you to post Instagram TV content if you fulfill the conditions mentioned earlier. You can desire to allure advertisers and make money off of the ads of IGTV once your content starts to get traction.  Buy Instagram TV likes to attract your audiences. IGTV can be an excellent launchpad for new influencers as Instagram Stories are full of influencers already. By creating great videos for IGTV, new influencers can make their presence known. Here is some cause why IG advertising should be your top priority:

  • Nine percent of B2B marketers and sixteen percent of B2C marketers consider IG as their most crucial social media platform for advertising. 
  • Ninety percent of Instagram users follow business accounts on the platform.
  • The number of active monthly users of Instagram is expected to cross 989M by the year 2022.

You can reach a diverse type of audience by advertising on IGTV. The influencers base on Instagram is growing and huge at an unparalleled rate. You can boost your engagement, sales, and visibility if you select the right influencers to host your ads on Instagram TV.