How To Grow Your Account By Increasing TikTok Views?

TikTok is a growing platform rich for its short-form videos with a range of 15-60 seconds long. TikTok, also known as Douyin, the Chinese video-sharing application, came into existence in September 2016. As the global pandemic congested people indoors with a rapid increase of mobile phones with skyrocketed TikTok growth. The novelty of the TikTok platform has not worn off, and in fact, the platform continues to grow. 

Are you eager to know the secrets behind growing the TikTok account? Let’s get started without delay!

#1 Engage In TikTok Trends

Get involved in any of the trends that come across the For You page of TikTok. However, you know that FYP would extract all the contents that receive higher engagement. When you are keen to notice all the content, you will find exciting content with more views on TikTok. Utilize the opportunities that are trendier and outgrow in the TikTok platform. 

Pro tip: Don’t repeat the same content strategy repeatedly; when you create your spin on the content, you have possibilities of making your video viral on TikTok. 

#2 Go Live On TikTok

If you have followers above 1000, you are available to go live on TikTok. And if you can access the live option, go live on TikTok daily. The live stream option allows you to connect with the audience truly. And when you have this unique feature, you can connect with your viewers, which cannot be done in regular videos. 

Pro tip: Go live on TikTok when you are working; people would love the natural way of behind-the-scenes videos. Consider if you have planned for a podcast; let them keep guessing about the next episode. 

#3 Post 4-8 Times A Day

Your TikTok profile will gain more engagement when you post frequently say 4 to 8 times a day. When you post multiple times, all your videos are likely to gain maximum reach among a range of audience. Probably, this is your way to grow your TikTok account insanely. Meanwhile fresh content does take time to gain credibility when you should buy TikTok views to ensure the required push for your video posts. When you do so, you will start receiving incredible engagement on your content and massive followers’ growth for your profile.

#4 Generate Stitchable Content On TikTok

When you create content on TikTok that can get stitched, it is pretty workable. To be clear, you create quality content used by other creators, where they mix up their content to yours, resulting in a new video. For example, have you come across the present scenario on Instagram and TikTok, which is, “Tell me you’re an NBA Fan Without Telling Me You’re An NBA Fan.” When you stitch this kind of content, followers will not only see your content in the video, but they’ll also see your name in clickable format. 

#5 Create Video Series On TikTok

Creating a video series on TikTok that ties in your expertise will help your content appeal to your audience. Consider, if you’re a professional organizer, you will get to know the first 15 seconds of the videos. By introducing a part-1(series), people will get back to you to watch your next series. And if someone watches the third video, there are more possibilities to watch your first two video series. 

Pro tip: In every video, leave a message to your audience that it is the first, second, or third part of the video to avoid confusion. 

Bonus tip

Repurpose Content On TikTok

Content repurposing is the best way to get more views on TikTok because when you share them across platforms like Instagram and Facebook. When people enjoy content outside TikTok, they will peek at your TikTok account to see more of your videos. 


TikTok is the best platform to grow your following online, and it might seem more accessible than the usage of any other social media. These five powerful tips may help you get more views on TikTok and assist in accelerating your TikTok account.