A short-form video sharing and video streaming popular app are known as Musically. Short-form video means you can post videos for15 seconds. Up until 2018, August Musically has more than 100 million users. This app allows users to lip-sync and make entertaining videos or funny videos with the help of dialogue options and a plethora of music options. By some content creators, this app is popular widely and engaging their content on Musically. The Chinese company name ByteDance took over the app in 2018 august, and the Musically users were moved to TikTok. The accounts and users were present in the Music app then they are automatically transformed into the new TikTok app. At any topic, users allow to create and share a 15-second short-form video on this app. Buying is a separate app maintained by TikTok for the Chinese market; it has over 30 crores monthly, active users. The combination of the Duyin logo and Musically logo is the new app’s logo.


Short-form video functionality with a much broader scope is the advantage of TikTok because it focuses on the sync of the lip to music. The wide selection of song snippets and sounds along with the option to add special filters and effects are offered by the TikTok using the special option, and you can add videos created on your phone directly. Users can add their reaction to the videos and can share by using the TikTok’s reaction feature. When users spend more than two hours on the TikTok, the unique digital feature added by the TikTok will alert them. The TikTok is being promoted as a social network for video sharing. The TikTok users create a variety of videos starting from magic tricks, dance videos, funny videos, and challenges. Broader scope for video creation is the main difference between Tik Tok and Musically.


Several celebrities liked to use this app, for example, Jimmy Fallon, who helped to drive the popularity of the app. Several celebrities have partnered with this app for local audiences to promote this app. Buy TikTok likes and popular your profile and your videos on TikTok quickly. Addictive, entertaining, and fun apps are TikTok. To become the next social networking platform and a big marketing platform, the TikTok has vast potential. For expanding social media marketing, TikTok is looked upon by more brands.